Greenery (Forests, Hills, etc.)

If you are getting everything ready for your big day, one important thing on your list is of course, the photography.

This is a vital part of planning any wedding, making sure that all pieces of the puzzle come together nicely in the final picture of what is potentially the best day of your entire life.

A backdrop is a great way to add expression into your photos.

Especially, if you are trying to communicate at a higher level with your guests, friends and family.

This is a perfect opportunity to really capture who the two of you are as a couple and many interests you share, where you met or just maybe an important place that the two of you visit frequently that has a lot of meaning to your relationship.

If you guys are nature lovers, backpackers, travelers or love camping; using a backdrop that involves the forest, hills or any place that is green will be a great addition to remembering your big day.

And if you need ideas for great natural backdrops, this list of the best destinations for nature lovers will help you find at least one suitable backdrop to consider near you – wherever you are in the United States.

One of the great things about going down this path is that the contrast of the white on the bride and the black of the tux on the groom will stand out nicely against the mixtures of green hues, without drawing attention away from what really matters- the two of you.

It will definitely give you the ‘gasp’ effect when people see how stunning the wedding photos turn out. There are a lot of people who stick with the normal, basic back drops that use plain colors for their weddings.

When they see that you have gone a different route, it will for sure draw a crowd, everyone will have a great time admiring the photos once they are complete.

They will look great in any house setting, wedding pictures are typically placed in the living area or where the main population of the house gathers on the daily.

You will never get tired of walking past this picture when you use such an amazing backdrop, you will never look back saying, ‘I wish I would have gone a different path.’

You will always remember why the area of design that you used has such meaning to you as a couple.

It will bring back good times and potentially lead to future trips and adventures, it is a great way to rekindle the spark in any marriage when the two of you are looking back on the photos years from now.

If you are someone who is torn between what to do for your wedding photos, and you love nature or just the feel of an outdoor setting.

Maybe, it is the theme of your wedding and it just adds to the dramatic effect that every bride wants to produce on their wedding day.

Make sure that you get something that you are sure to love and adore for years to come by gathering a forest theme back drop for your photos.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this theme option, you can always contact your photographer; they will be able to ease your mind of any concern and even possibly adjust the back drop to further fit your custom needs.