The Bedroom

When it comes to doing your wedding photos, not all of them have to be formal.

In fact, there are many couples who do risque, sexy photography.

These are meant to be a special surprise for your partners eyes only, and of course sometimes the bridesmaid or best-man might tag along to push encouragement.

For women.

It is important to bring something white, black and in your soon to be husbands favorite color (likely to be the color blue).

This way you have many options for when you are doing different poses.

These shots will be taken indoors, unless you ask the photographer to make arrangements outdoors.

Make sure that you bring all props with you on your way there, they might have some on hand, but it is a good idea to pack something that you know for sure your husband will adore.

This can range anywhere from something intimate, flirty and even sexy.

An example of this could be a pair of his favorite heels all the way down to a pair of your favorite handcuffs, remember, these people do this for a living and it is nothing to be embarrassed or insecure about.

If you are someone who is not comfortable in your body, or posing in lingerie in front of a camera; it is a good idea to mentally prepare yourself before walking in the door.

The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the better the shoot will good as well as the quality of your photos.

If you are a man, then keep your masculinity in mind the entire time. And the same goes for a woman and her masculinity.

Make sure that you bring things that are made of silk, you can never go wrong with this fabric in order to look appetizing to your woman.

It would be a good idea to pack something that is in her favorite color.

Feel free to bring props as well, this can range anywhere from leather attire to something naughty.

In particular we would recommend bringing your favorite┬ásex toys to scatter across the bed – Blissful Cherry is a great place to find some – in the background or even the foreground.

This is definitely a risque approach, but one that would remind you of the good sexual times you two have together as well.

(Which can definitely be a good thing to look back on if you eventually lose that spark later on in your marriage).

Remember, even if you are a man, things like this could get a little be awkward, try to bring a buddy along with you to make the photo shoot more relaxing and fun for everyone involved.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding gift for your partner, this is a great avenue to venture down.

It is a great way to spice up the big day, while also adding a sense of playfulness to the tone of the relationship during that time period.

Before you get married, everything is so hectic and the world seems to be moving at a fast pace, this is a great way to bring both you and your partner back down to Earth for a minute and have a good bond over something that you took time out to do for each other.

Any photographer is able to do these photos for you, any concerns or questions that may arise, they will be able to assist you at during the time they are being done or before on the phone.

May you have a great time, making the perfect bedroom photos for your future spouse!